Transforming a fuel card provider into a business partner

WEX, the leader in large fleet solutions, came to Genuine for help promoting their fuel card with small business owners. But with low brand awareness following a recent rebrand and the majority of small business owners dependent on more traditional communications channels like the fax machine, how would WEX connect with them?

The Insight

The small business owner’s world is noisy, complex and often filled with self-created work-arounds. What the small business owner wants and needs most is a trusted advisor to lead the way toward real business impact.

The Solution

The “WEX It Away” campaign leveraged the inefficient, momentum-stopping systems that small business owners rely on to show how WEX gets the job done better, faster and more efficiently to create real business impact. It gave WEX a personality and positioned the company as the “trusted advisor” small business owners need.

In WEX’s top 10 markets, Genuine deployed its integrated “test and learn” campaign across social media, display, radio and direct mail driving key audience segments to landing pages that engaged and converted.

The Results

  • The campaign saw a 28% lift in intent, well above average for other Financial Service Intent campaigns (8.7% measured by Nielsen)
  • 59.1M impressions, 403K Media engagements (444% over forecasted KPIs of 74K)
  • Pre-lead Conversion 2.87% (187% over forecasted KPIs of 1.00%)


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