Genuine Launches National Brand Campaign for Welch's, 150 Years in the Making


Introducing "Farmer Owned. Family Grown."

Big food is a big turnoff for millennial moms. 

It’s no secret that the super-informed, hyper-connected millennial mom wants to know where her food comes from. That she distrusts big, faceless consumer packaged goods companies - no matter how storied the brand, and that authenticity is among the most important ingredients for anything in her cart.  

But what had been a secret to her was the truth about a brand she’s known, or thought she’d known, all her life: Welch’s. Truth is, it’s not a big brand, it’s a family business; a cooperative owned and operated by the more than 900 farmer families who grow Welch’s grapes. Consumer trends were catching up to what Welch’s knew all along: knowing who grows their food is what grows trust. And Genuine knew that made it the perfect time to reintroduce the consumer to Welch’s true nature as a small, authentic, farmer owned company.

The Objectives

Re-position Welch’s as a healthy, challenger juice brand within the beverage industry
Spotlight Welch's family farmer owners

The Target

Millennial Moms

The Strategy

Genuine and Welch’s set out to educate confused or misinformed consumers not just about the health benefits of grape juice, but about the company, and the love, care and pride with which its family of farmers produces it for Welch’s. The idea: Instead of marketing speak, let the farmers speak. To help Welch’s break through the noise, Genuine knew it needed to approach a national brand campaign in a way never before seen in the category.

The Invention

Genuine approached Welch’s with a different take on the category. Instead of producing “me-too” CPG spots in perfect kitchen sets with polished actors pretending to drink the juice, Genuine looked at the unique aspects of the brand and the products as a fresh challenger opportunity. Welch’s has a great story – and in a time of great storytelling, in advertising and in digital, the time is finally right to tell it.

computer displaying Welch's website

Farmer Owned. Family Grown.

Genuine and Welch’s decided on an unscripted, anti-advertising approach. We went straight to the heartland to spend time with some of Welch’s farmer families. With core messaging territories including Taste, No Added Sugar, Heart Health and the Coop of Farmer Families, the campaign authentically communicates the core values of Welch’s, its juice and the farmers that make it.


The Welch’s “Farmer Owned. Family Grown.” launched on September 12, 2017.