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Inviting DIY'ers to Hang With Us and Velcro Brand

VELCRO® Brand's HANGables™ product line had been in market for almost a year, but product awareness and sales were very low. They needed fresh, engaging creative to generate interest in the product and boost sales at their key retailers.

The Insight

As styles change and trends evolve, it's hard for consumers to keep up with that they're hanging up. VELCRO Brand® HANGables™ makes it easy to hang the decorations that are hot today, but might have to come down tomorrow.

The Solution

Targeting handy millennials, crafty moms and die-hard DIY'ers on social, Genuine conveyed the awesome, inspiring and endless potential of VELCRO Brand® HANGables™ through our Hang Awesome brand campaign and 12 Days of Awesome holiday campaign. From our in-house content studio, we created social statics, videos and all kinds of quirky content showing off the product’s unique uses and encouraging consumers to hang what makes them awesome with VELCRO®.

The Results

The first phase of the campaign rolled out across Facebook and Instagram. The second phase launches in early 2018. Early results indicate:

  • A 10% lift in sales across key retailers
  • ~7.8MM impressions with a 1% click thru rate
  • 1.2MM post engagements with a 15% post engagement rate
  • 1MM video views with a 24.5% VVR

12 Days of Awesome ran as one static post a day for 12 days on Facebook and Instagram, driving:

  • Over 1.1M impressions,21K post engagements and 1.1k ad recall at an average engagement rate of 17.43% and estimated ad recall life rate of 2.72%
  • Over 20k post reactions, 441 post shares and 83 post comments


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