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Engaging the next generation of scientific problem solvers

With the passage of the Next Generation Science Standards, the demand for scientific literacy has never been higher. For teachers, finding materials that align with NGSS is only part of the challenge. The bigger part? Finding materials that engage their students. So UL tapped Genuine to help break through to middle school students in a new way and get them excited about STEM at a time when their interest in science (and pretty much most educational programs) is dramatically decreasing.

Blowing up the status quo

Inspired by UL’s Testing Labs, Genuine partnered with experts from UL’s Non-Profit Youth Education & Outreach Group to develop Xplorlabs: an open-access educational platform inspired by safety science.

Xplorlabs lets students be scientists. From interactive videos to online experiences, hands-on classroom activities and crowd-sourcing challenges - every element of the platform was concepted and built to resonate with middle schoolers and align with NGSS.