Truth Initiative


  • Hatch Awards, Bronze

Helping Truth Initiative continue to inspire effective change - across varied audiences - through a completely redesigned and modernized website.

Spreading the truth

Truth Initiative® is a leading public health organization with robust content based on deep scientific research. As a trusted resource for consumers, academics, state partners and public health organizations, Truth Initiative backs their content in deep research and policy studies. It’s all valuable in the fight against big tobacco, but, Genuine knew that unless the user experience was simplified and well-designed, all that great content would go unseen.

Taking down big goals

Much like taking down big tobacco, crushing goals like improving user experience, increasing site traffic, boosting content consumption, optimizing for mobile and strengthening brand awareness (whew) starting with getting the facts. To learn how audiences were engaging with the site, Genuine employed multiple layers of user testing including Card Sorting, Tree Testing, and Usability Testing. Then, we used smart, data-driven design and a best-in-class CMS to achieve Truth’s goals in style.

The Results

  • Accessibility score 97/100
  • Site sessions increased +6%
  • Pages/session increased by +4%
  • Mobile share of traffic increased by +6%
  • Branded search queries on Google increased by +8%
  • Newsletter sign-ups increased +490%
  • Social follows increased by +20%
  • Content shares average 1,800 per month


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