Website Redesign

Home is where the pests aren’t

Terminix came to Genuine in the fall of 2019 for a complete website redesign. They were keen to shy away from the typical scare tactics and coarse humor of the industry (including their previous marketing efforts) in favor of a more human-centric approach to their brand story on the site and in their sales play, including an evolution to an e-commerce style path to purchase.  


Creating a sanctuary for all you love

We created a concept for the site — Sanctuary — which centered a homeowner’s hopes and dreams for their house and their desire to protect it. Whether a visitor was looking to prevent a problem or needed help with an infestation ASAP,  we explained complex product offerings and pest problems with animated content, simple modern design, and thoughtful language. Visitors were able to quickly find information, understand what they were purchasing, and with the new intuitive checkout, get the services and products they needed to protect their homes. 


Behind the scenes, we developed dozens of components and templates, and built a plan to migrate a vast number of existing content to a new Sitecore platform, creating an expanded taxonomy along the way that made the site more searchable and discoverable.



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