Laying down a challenge to the CrossFit community

Reebok is lead sponsor of the CrossFit Games and the regional and national competitions to find the “Fittest on Earth.” But CrossFit fans in attendance are so focused on the athletes, they don’t see Reebok or appreciate the brand’s commitment to the community. Reebok needed to develop an experience that would be as exciting as the event itself to make attendees engage. We wanted to help.

The Insight

CrossFit athletes love watching the pros, but even more so, they love showing off their strength to their CrossFit friends. Reebok could offer attendees a platform to see how they stack up to their athlete idols and impress the crowd.

The Solution

We created an in-person experience that transformed CrossFit fans from spectators to competitors. The Reebok Athlete Challenge let attendees compete virtually against the pros in front of everyone at the event. Participants faced off against CrossFit’s most well-recognized athletes on a huge 70” TV screen, showing off their strength and stamina for 60 seconds of serious sport.

The Result

People from over 33 countries tested their strength and participated in the challenge. A few of our employees got a good workout in too.


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