Elevating the digital experience for an AV revolutionary

Motional, an autonomous vehicle company and joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv, is on a mission to make driverless vehicles a safe, reliable, and accessible reality. 

As a new brand, Motional wanted a website experience that reflected the company’s cutting-edge, tech-driven vision. Their website, launched in early 2021, did not meet their expectations as a brand or site experience. Genuine was only too happy to take the wheel. 

From start-up site to striking experience

Motional engaged Genuine to re-envision and re-platform the website to improve performance and brand perception. From discovery through development, we rooted every decision in data, insights and user empathy. 


Strategy and analytics uncovered pain points around a lack of cohesion between the desktop and mobile experiences, and that page load speed was a major deterrent in time spent on site. With that in mind, our UX team simplified the presentation of complex information, architecting more easily accessible landing pages and tagging related content. Creative developed a responsive visual brand identity that reflected the forward-thinking ethos of Motional, and elevated the look from start-up to industry leader level. And our back-end team developed a modular component system which the client was immediately able to utilize, make edits, and add pages. All along, our cross-functional team kept their eyes on the road to results. 

Moving Results

Immediately following site launch and reflecting site goals, Careers accounted for a significant proportion of site traffic. Open Positions was the second most visited page in October after the Homepage, and Careers was the third most visited.


Additionally, site performance saw huge improvements with the launch. On Mobile, Largest Contentful Paint went from 6.2 seconds (Poor) to 2.4 seconds (Good). Cumulative Layout Shift also went from 1 (Poor) to 0.009 (Good). (That’s pretty great.)



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