Differentiating Mintz with a personalized experience

The most personal relationships in the business world can exist between attorneys and their clients, yet the industry is anything but personal when it comes to brand experiences online. Mintz was looking for a way to differentiate its position among the undefined middle market of top 100 law firms in a way that was authentic to the firm, empowered individuals internally and resonated with clients.

The Insight

According to Mintz chairman Robert Popeo, “We focus not on where the law is, but where it is going.” Through our research and early interviews, we learned that at Mintz, the future is always now.

The organization gets in the trenches and guides their clients through times of unprecedented transformation in each of their respective industries. So it became obvious that the rebrand and associated digital experiences needed to reflect the hardworking, forward thinking, nimble mindset found throughout the firm.

The Solution

Genuine’s team of strategists, creatives, videographers, animators and developers created a comprehensive personalized digital experience for Mintz. The rebrand introduced a slimmed down name, bold and professional color scheme, and updated brand positioning and messaging.

The vehicle for all of this change came in the form of a new website showcasing the visual identity of the rebrand through custom lifestyle photography and a video which captured a day in the life of the nimble collaborative firm. The new site was fitted with personalization and full integration with Mintz’s business development platforms, raising the bar towards and innovative, clean, new aesthetic which laddered up to their mission.

The Results

With the September 2018 unveiling, there has been a tremendous amount of positive feedback and reaction around the industry with early coverage in The American Lawyer. Mintz is paving the way for the next generation of digital experiences in the industry.

Read more about Mintz’s digital brand refresh here.


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