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  • Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum

Transforming "punch clock people" to engaged employees

Kronos has been a pioneering leader in the workforce management industry for more than 40 years, but the company’s brand image was stuck in the past. Customers and prospects still thought of Kronos as the “punch clock in the break room,” instead of the sophisticated, human capital software organization it had become.

The Insight

The upcoming launch of a new cloud-based platform was the perfect opportunity to establish the company as a leader in cloud computing and reintroduce the brand with personalized, industry-based storytelling.

The Solution

We transformed the Kronos site experience from the platform up, designing a personalized experience for customers and buyers across industries, positioning Kronos as "The Power Behind Their People."

The Genuine and Kronos teams invented together from the outset to co-develop and design the website on Drupal 8, working hand-in-hand to build a site with maximum flexibility and content structure that would be easy for Kronos to edit post-launch.

Kronos' new site is an immersive, responsive brand hub with an informative and engaging tone. Its clean, inviting and differentiated design showcases Kronos as a leader in the cloud-service human capital management market. And its intuitive, personalized approach allows users to see relevant content based on their industry and place in the buyer's journey, helping them to quickly find the content they want and ultimately drive conversion.

The Results

Visitors are connecting and engaging with Kronos' content in never before seen ways:

  • Time on site has seen a 50% increase year over year
  • Total page views are up 300% year over year


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