Johnson & Johnson

Helping Johnson & Johnson achieve site consistency

Genuine worked with J&J and Acquia to design & build a unified platform allowing J&J to precisely control the digital experience across all of their sites. 

The Insight

Johnson & Johnson recognized that many of its branded products had outsourced the development of their respective brand websites. As a result, these sites were often out of line with the overarching J&J brand, and incurred unnecessary site development costs and launch delays.

So what’s the best way to build, manage, and centralize multiple brand sites? Implement a single multisite management web platform.

The Solution

J&J Canvas is a multisite management website platform that allows for more simplified site development, integration and maintenance processes.

Genuine partnered with J&J and Acquia to architect and build a unified Drupal platform allowing them the capability to precisely control the digital experience across all of their 800+ global brand websites. With Canvas, J&J can centralize independent websites into a single codebase, enabling various J&J brands to develop and deploy new customizable websites at a more efficient rate.

To streamline the process, Genuine built and implemented a simple site deployment process that allowed each branded site to get a fully functional and responsive website that adheres to current best practices for UX, HTML, analytics and SEO.

This first-of-its-kind solution allowed J&J to implement site consistency across all brands at a fraction of the cost, in a more timely fashion.

With Canvas capabilities in place, J&J efficiently built out and launched 11 global brand websites in under 3 years at a fraction of the development costs, enabling them to spend their money on design and content development. And each brand was still able to keep (or create new) their creative identity.

The Results

Since its implementation, J&J Canvas has alleviated site development build cost by nearly 59%. And developers are now spending 45% less time creating sites that use J&J’s standards and best practices that Canvas provides out of the box.

Each of the individual J&J brand sites are also surpassing benchmarks by 10% in terms of:

  • Average time on site
  • Page views
  • Percentage views to product details

Following the implementation of Canvas, J&J saw a 50% spike in mobile presence and 100% jump in tablet presence. They’ve also seen a 65% YOY increase in organic search traffic (i.e. “baby products” now ranks #5 versus #24).


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