Go RVing


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  • OMMA Awards

Selling the RVing lifestyle to millennials on the move

Let’s hit the road

Go RVing, the consumer-facing voice of the RV industry, wanted to update their website to make their content more appealing and relevant to a new generation of millennial travelers. Knowing millennials had a mixed perception of the RV lifestyle, we set out to create a site that showed RVing in a contemporary and exciting light.

RV whatever you want to be 

Our redesign was inspired by the freedom and flexibility an RV can provide, with visual elements that conveyed a sense of movement and spontaneity driving visitors deeper into the experience. Content that spoke to millennial interests and wanderlust, as well as practicality and budget concerns, challenged visitors’ preconceived ideas about RVing and helped them discover the variety of adventures an RV can provide.  

Driving results

Results from the first three months of launch make it clear the new site is encouraging more exploration.


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