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Gamifying the audio storytelling experience

For the last decade, Audible - the leader in spoken word content - has been advancing interest in audio storytelling. With consumer interest at an all-time high, Audible came looking for ways to engage with new audiences and create impact on a large scale. That was music to our ears.

The Insight

Listening to an audiobook is an individual experience. But certain book genres - like comics - have a passionate fan base that transcends the individual experience for one of community and camaraderie. We believed that bringing Audible to a loud, bright, stimulating and social event associated with such a genre - like Comic Con - would give us an opportunity to leverage a unique activation to spark interest among a new audience.

The Solution

Guys who have been to a few Comic Cons themselves, the Genuine Experiential team created an immersive audio listening game - Audible Recall - to tap into comic book lovers’ passions, unleash their competitive spirit and drive interest in Audible.

This custom-developed game pitted attendees at NYC’s Comic Con against each other in a battle of sci-fi wit and fantasy audiobook knowledge. Every player received an Audible card for a free download, and top scorers were awarded larger prizes. Plus Audible got major buzz. Win, win.

The Results

Audible Recall received such an overwhelmingly positive response from the 140,000 fans at New York City Comic Con that the experience returned to Comic Con in 2017.


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