Reimagining the B2B website experience

Acoustic is the company “bringing humanity back to marketing.” Their suite of AI-powered products help marketers better understand their customers behavior and motivation. And, they needed a website that reflected this mission, eschewing jargon and technical detail for a more personalized and conversational approach. 

Speaking to marketers 1:1

Genuine’s UX and design approach put marketers’ and IT professionals’ needs at the center of the web experience, asking questions throughout the site and driving to solutions that demonstrated how Acoustic could easily help solve the problems these people face. An expansive, site-wide taxonomy automatically serves up related products, solutions, resources, and articles encouraging users to continue their journey, creating a more personalized experience for returning visitors, and making it easier for Acoustic teams to manage content entry.

Inventing Together

The final website was a product of real partnership that went beyond the “invent together” attitude of the Acoustic and Genuine Teams. We used the Acoustic Content Management solution along with Acoustic’s larger product suite to finish building out the site, delivering a platform with the potential to grow and evolve as Acoustic does.


"From the start, Genuine brought all their key team to the table – the same team that worked through the project – and helped us build a partnership before we built a website. [We] asked that Genuine use our own content and campaign solutions for the project, so they became experts in the technology..."


— Norman Gudagno, CMO, Acoustic


Listen to the Results

After the site launched, Acoustic saw increases in traffic, engagement and form submissions: 


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