Natdanai Tripataraporn
Data Storyteller
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I love numbers on the back end. How they help us understand consumer behavior, how we can translate that, and use data to tell a story or improve our work.


Where some see numbers, Nat sees a story.

Ever wonder where a like goes? To somebody like Nat. Likes, comments, shares, reposts - if it’s an online action, this guy can interpret it. 


In Nat’s hands, interactions become numbers, and numbers become stories clients and creatives can learn from. His reports, data aggregations, and performance deep dives tell us how the work we do at Genuine is working in the wild, and his recommendations help us make the work better.

Nat believes in the power of transparency

To Nat, transparency is a Genuine superpower. As he sees it, Genuine’s commitment to honesty, openness, and working constructively with clients and coworkers makes a difference that shows up in both the work we do and the people who do it. 


He describes Genuine as a closely knit bunch, openly sharing thoughts and opinions. We’re comfortable with each other and confident in our client relationships. Why? He’d say it’s because we don’t just care what our teammates are doing, but how they’re doing.

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An analytical mind with a collaborative soul

Nat’s reports and contributions bridge the gaps between analytics, strategy and creative. He’s driven to foster collaboration, and hopes his coworkers would agree. “I’d like people to see me as someone who does what I think is best for the team,” he says. “Someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box to make the right recommendations.” (We do, Nat.)

It’s not all numbers

Of course it’s not all about work for Nat. He’s a sports fanatic. He won’t pick a favorite, but skiing comes close. He’s been lucky enough to ski all over the world. Which brings us to something else he loves: traveling. Having studied abroad from age 12, Nat’s probably one of our most well-traveled employees, but he doesn’t need a big trip to have fun. He can enjoy a whole weekend of exploration close to home in Boston.

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