Joe Cicchetto
VP, Technology & Development
The commander in chill
Joe Cicchetto in sunglasses w/ body of water in the background
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Even though we're small, we’re mighty. We have a ton of capabilities. We really have the full digital capability.

Meet Joe, the developer’s dev

As Vice President of Technology and Development, Joe Cicchetto oversees every aspect of technology and development at Genuine, including front- and back-end dev, as well as QA and Product Management. “I don't even know if my own family knows exactly what I do,” he jokes. But we do, and he does it very well!

The chief problem solver

For Joe, every day brings a new opportunity to rally his team to solve some of our clients’ most complicated problems. 

“What I love most is being able to work with clients,” he explains, “and understanding their business challenges. I'm a problem solver by nature, so I really enjoy identifying where there are gaps and where we can add value by crafting solutions to solve them.”

Collage of Joe Cicchetto
Helping us invent together

You’d think managing all our technology practices — and being the client facing voice of them — would make for a stern taskmaster, but not Joe. In fact it’s his laid back attitude and respect for people that have helped his team do some of their best work. No surprise that he strongly identifies with the collaboration value at Genuine. 

“Even though we're small, we’re mighty. We have a ton of capabilities and people across the organization that are experts in what they do. But the true value comes out of us being able to come together as a team and provide this amazing solution that you wouldn't get if you were just experts in development or creative. We really have the full digital capability.”

Cruisin’ into the weekend

Joe is one of our fully remote workers, dialing in from nearby New Hampshire, where he spends his off time supporting his kids’ hockey and dance endeavors, figuring out how to play Metallica songs on the acoustic guitar, and spending as much time as he can on the water. 

Additionally, he applies the same problem solving skills we love him for on a personal passion for automobiles and custom tuning. “I had a Honda S2000 back in the early 2000s that I completely modified. Added a supercharger, prototyped a secondary injection system.” 

It’s safe to say, we’re in good hands with Joe behind the wheel.


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