Jill Baker
VP, Practice Director Technology
Passionate People Person
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One of the things that kind of gets me up in the morning is protecting people and making their day-to-day easier at work.

Jill is passionate about people

All along Jill’s career path, she found herself coming back to the same things: people, processes and tools. Over time, those things became her focus, and today she’s focused on them at Genuine, overseeing our development and engineering teams which includes the Drupal, PHP, Sitecore and front end development practices. 


“I really love taking care of and protecting people. That's what I get passionate about at work,” says Jill.  “Having been an engineer myself for a long time, I have a good grip on what can make that better or worse. It’s fulfilling to use my years of experience as an engineer to help other engineers.”

When Jill asks how you are, she really wants to know how you are.

Jill deeply identifies with Genuine’s transparency value. Specifically, she is an advocate for transparency around diversity initiatives and compensation for the sake of equality. She cares, and it shows. 


“Be someone who is authentically themself. That’s been my mantra for a long time,” she says. “I'm honest and I try to bring my whole self to work.” That honesty shows up in her management style. “If I ask you how you are, I really want to know how you are.”


It makes her a welcome addition to Genuine, a culture Jill likens to a neighborhood. “Everyone kind of knows each other, and there’s an underlying common bond. As though we have the same shared foundation or foundational values.”

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A manager with a coach mentality

Approachable, positive and in possession of a good sense of humor, Jill brings a coach mentality to the engineering team. She believes that with a good game plan, the right tools and players, we can achieve any goal. “The focus for me from the beginning has been to make people feel supported and then go from there.”  

If your Sim is afraid of garden gnomes, that’s on Jill.

Outside of work, Jill doesn’t just play video games, she changes them. “I do a lot of modding of video games,” Jill explains. “ That means that if l see functionality or a feature that I wish a game I like had, I'll figure out how to create it.”  


She’s most known for her work in The Sims, where she just released a mod called “Fear Factory,” which introduced a whole host of new phobias into the Sims universe, including her favorite: the fear of garden gnomes.  She’s also created new classes for an RPG she loved. “I didn’t feel like any of the classes felt female, so I created a few with that in mind.” It’s her creative outlet, and she loves contributing to the gaming community. “It’s exciting to see a gap or something you want and then go create it and share it with other people.” There are those themes again.

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