Eugene Torres
Associate Creative Director
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If you fall down, you get back up. Try again. It's not working? You try something different. That’s not working? Try something completely different.

This copywriter is a true original.

If you ask Eugene what he does, he’ll ask you to open your phone and go to Instagram. He’ll let you know which accounts to look up. And you’d better believe they’re verified. Of course, that’s not all he does. With a background in advertising - he’s worked at some of the top shops in town - Eugene’s our go-to guy for cross-channel copy. 


If you ask him what he loves about it? He’ll tell you it’s working with other creative people to problem solve and bring ideas to life. His ideas are influenced not just by industry experience, but life experience: as a Spanish teacher, a waiter, a Creative Circus grad, a dad and a lifelong skateboarder. More on that later.

Passion in action

The Genuine value Eugene most identifies with? Passion. It shows. “It’s about always wanting to do more, to do better,” he says. “To be more creative, win more awards, have more impact.” 


Passionate about mentoring junior creatives, Eugene knows that winning those awards and having that impact comes down to collaboration. For him, there’s nothing like the creative energy of multiple minds with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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Cool kids collaborate

At Genuine, Eugene is helping to shape the kind of culture he’s always wanted to be part of. “It’s a very ego-less space,” he says, “there’s no clique. People are cool being themselves, and we treat each other with respect and equality.” 

He strives to be easy to work with and open to all ideas, though he’ll admit he can occasionally get stuck on just one. (It happens to all of us.) “I hope my coworkers think of me as collaborative, supportive and fun,” says Eugene. “Genuine is full of great people.” He’s right. And he’s one of them.

Eugene has no fear of falling down

Remember we said we’d get back to skateboarding? Here we are. Eugene is a skateboarder with no retirement plans in sight. It’s not just the psychological and social benefits for Eugene, it’s the perspective. 


“Skateboarding is creative,” he says. “It's also got failure and falling down baked into it. So you learn.  If you fall down, you get back up. You try again. It's not working? You try something different. That’s not working? Try something completely different. I think that applies to everything in life.” We love that.

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