Briana Masterson
Associate Director, Project Management
Professional Cat Wrangler
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A creative digital agency scratches the itch for both my Type A personality and my creative personality. My creative self requires a lot of collaboration and strategic thinking, while my Type A personality likes to make lists and stay on a schedule and have some black and white metrics.

A Type A Personality with a Passion for Creative

“My soundbite is always: I help keep projects on time, on brief and on budget,” says Briana. But the experience of working with her is so much more. It was while working as a communications manager at a progressive educational non-profit that Briana found her way to this role. “We rebranded, and designed and built a website. I was project managing and saw that there were people doing that on the agency side. I realized the brand and digital agency arena could scratch the itch for both my Type A personality and my creative personality.”

That blend benefits all of us at Genuine. “I really, really love the creative piece. From discovery to strategy to turning that into a system of words and pictures. I love that the most.” We love her for it.

Full transparency

Briana will tell you that she builds schedules, but work with her on one project and you’ll see that she builds teams. The connections she makes make a difference that shows up in the work. For her, it all comes down to transparency. “There are always negative repercussions for not being direct or not being honest. At some point things will fall apart. If questions aren't asked, if information isn’t shared, things are missed.” 

The other way she fosters relationships is through her signature blend of hard-ass-ery and irreverence. “It’s important to me that people feel comfortable with me. I want to provide an experience where team members feel like they can say what they need to say to me directly.” 


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It doesn't get more Genuine

Asked to describe Genuine, Briana is quick to respond: “unpretentious people doing their absolute best to do good work.” We’re actively replacing all existing messaging with this statement.

Cat Mama, Merch Maker, Questionable Art Collector

Cat wrangling isn’t just a work thing for Bri. At home, she is devoted to her cat Tepopo, an Instagram famous and IRL adorable golden brown tabby British Shorthair. You’ll see his face on many of our laptops and fridges, because something else Bri does in her off-hours is make merch. Free to Genuine employees. #perks 

You may also find Briana trawling antique markets and vintage stores looking for a piece to add to her “questionably good art collection.” Seems that love of creativity isn’t just work either.


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