Alex Angstrom
Associate Director, Strategy
Insights Guru
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I love that our job is to help clients face problems that they've probably never seen or dealt with before. It’s different every time. 

Need advice? Ask Alex.

As lead strategist, Alex loves being a consultant to our clients and creatives. As he puts it, “I help clients align their business goals and challenges with their audiences’ goals and challenges to figure out where the magic happens.” And when Alex is on the team, magic does happen.  

“I love that our job as consultants is to help clients face problems that they've never dealt with before. Sometimes you have a so-called framework to help you break down the problem in little pieces and figure it out. But a lot of times you don't. And each client might digest or want to implement something differently. So how we work through a problem is different every time. I love that variety: the variety of client industries, but also the variety of approaches to problem solving.” We love him for it, and so do his clients. 


On Collaboration and Culture

Alex most identifies with our collaboration value. On a personal level because “harmony is really important to me on a team,” and culturally, because he feels like it’s what makes Genuine such a great place to be. 

“No matter who you get teamed up with, it’s the same. It’s about the work and the success of the team and each other and it’s not just about you. Nobody’s a jerk. You don’t dread coming to work. Candidly,” he admits, “this has been my favorite job, and I really hope it’s just the beginning.” So do we, Alex.


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A Little Bit of a Lot of Things

Alex is our resident renaissance man, which may be what makes his insights so insightful. “I was in the business program in college, but I minored in graphic design. I just loved being around that environment. So I didn't wanna go to a big firm or a consulting firm. I wanted to be involved in creative. My first job was at a web shop where I fell in love with all things digital.” It’s lucky for us he did.

Just Say Yes

When it comes to out-of-office adventuring, there isn’t much Alex won’t try. He loves to travel, he loves the outdoors and he loves a challenge. From biking to hiking, to traveling the country and figuring out just how much will fit into a Honda Fit, Alex says he’s “working to figure out where my limits are.” We’ll stay tuned.

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