Having mighty fun on social

Hoping to connect with millennial moms, heritage brand Welch’s was developing a social presence. But, like all juices, they found themselves battling for likeability in a world against sugar.

Thing was, thanks to the natural sun-sweetness of their grapes, Welch’s didn’t need to add sugar. And it could even boast heart health benefits. So Genuine gave that small-but-mighty fruit a big platform to toot its tiny horn and grow awareness and consideration of Welch’s core product, 100% Grape Juice.

Achieving grapeness

Pardon the pun. But it’s a fun way of saying getting this little guy right was serious business. The color. The size. The shape. The bloom. This was not just any grape, but a Welch’s Concord. So our creative team obsessed over it like real farmers. And it paid off. From one grape came a full year of social assets - pre-roll videos, a microsite, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and great results for our clients.