Setting a big brand apart from big food.

Welch’s needed a new brand campaign that would resonate with super-informed, hyper-connected and socially-conscious millennial mom who wants to know where her food comes from. A mom who distrusts big, faceless consumer packaged goods companies - and thinks Welch’s is one of them.

The Insight

For today’s consumer, knowing who grows and produces their food is what grows trust. And Welch’s - a cooperative of farmer families - is uniquely positioned among their competitors to talk about who grows their grapes. It was time throw open the barn doors and show the world the real Welch’s.

The Solution

Instead of of producing formulaic CPG spots, Genuine created something authentic by leveraging Welch’s family-farmer owners to tell the real story of the brand. No scripts. No sets. No marketing speak.

The “Farmer owned. Family grown.” campaign communicated what Welch’s values and who Welch’s is while encouraging consumers to ally themselves with the brand and what it stands for: independence, honesty and authenticity.

The Results

Since the launch of the campaign across TV, social, digital and the redesigned welchs.com, early results have shown a considerable lift in sales of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.