Patrick Connors
Principal Developer
Front End Phenom
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The field is constantly evolving. Some people hate that everything is changing all the time, but I think it’s fun. You always have to stay fresh.

Invested development

Patrick is our go-to guy for performant and accessible front-end UI interfaces. “Any button you press, any drop down, any text you read, that's my purview. That's what I’ve done.” And since 2017, he’s been a passionate leader of our accessibility efforts. 

“You have to be committed to accessibility from the get go,” he explains. “It's not a thing you can fix in the end. You have to build things from the beginning with that in mind.” He’s been a big part of helping us put that into practice. “During code reviews, I would say these are the places where your code is inaccessible. Here's how to fix it. Here's why. Not to show off, but because I like to share with people what I’ve learned, and to learn from them, too.”

Collaboration is part of our code

Patrick has always believed in our Invent Together mantra, and recently he’s felt us living it even more. “We're collaborating more across departments than ever. Now UX, strategy, creative and development are all on the same page earlier on and we’re making better products.”

Even within his department, Patrick has seen how collaboration has increased. “We’re doing code reviews, looking at the work our peers are doing and working together to improve it: try it this way, here’s how, here’s why. It’s an educational experience.” 


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A Genuine original

As our most tenured Genuine developer, Patrick’s been here awhile. Why? “It’s the people,” he’s quick to answer. “It’s all about the people. We’re friendly, inquisitive and caring. It’s a good team to be on.” And it’s good to have him on it.

A career built on curiosity

That love of learning is consistent for Patrick. “I started designing websites in the early 90s. I would right click, hit view source and see all the code. I would just copy and paste and see what I could do.” Turned out he could do a lot. And while he does it differently today, he’s still got the same attitude. 

“It’s still fun,” he says. “The industry is constantly evolving. I’m always learning and relearning. I like that.” We love it.


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