Welch's Digital

Forget the focus group:
Helping Welch's understand
their audience

As the “Farmer owned. Family grown.” national brand campaign continued to deliver quality impressions and drive sales of 100% Grape Juice among millennial moms and boomers, Welch’s increasingly desired to extend the campaign beyond their core target. To do that, they needed Genuine to deliver insights on new audiences. Fast.

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The Insight

With no budget or time available for focus groups, Genuine turned to social to gain quick and efficient learnings about new audiences and their interactions with the Welch’s campaign and brand. In other words, test, learn, optimize, repeat.

The Solution

Genuine developed a rigorous and dynamic social media campaign strategy that gave us actionable insights into who our best opportunity audience segments were and the most effective way to talk to them. All while only spending ~10% of Welch’s overall budget.

The Results

  • Defined two additional successful opportunistic audiences for Welch’s, one of which was rotated into the full campaign
  • Doubled down on proven results/insights and mapped top-performing messages to new audience segments, thus optimizing spend allowing Genuine’s media team to focus our production dollars and media investment