Veritas Genetics

Making a DNA test feel
unique as its subjects

The DNA/genetic testing category is a crowded one. Consumers who are interested in finding out about their DNA and their heritage rarely understand the difference between the tests available to them. Veritas Genetics needed to differentiate themselves and engage customers with little interest in the medical speak and science that sets the brand apart.

laptop showing veritas site home page

The Insight

Some of the most well-known products, like 23 and Me and offer only limited DNA analysis. Veritas is the only U.S. company specializing in complete genomic sequencing to provide consumers with the fullest picture of their DNA. And that’s a good look for Veritas.

The Solution

Genuine determined to bring the fuller picture to life, positioning Veritas' online experience as going beyond a test result and serving as a guide to a consumer's DNA journey. We transformed the digital experience from "point, click and purchase" to "learn, watch and participate," giving consumers the ability to interact with various pieces of content along a personalized path.

Our tech team developed the site to serve up additional product offerings and loyalty incentives to returning customers. To differentiate from the traditional bio-pharma speak seen among the competitive set, we established an entirely new branding strategy, look and feel that stood in the category.