From Disinfectant to Mom's Champion of Health. Transforming Lysol's brand through digital, mobile and social media.

Lysol’s digital mom knows no boundaries. To make Lysol appeal to this multitasking, multi-channel maven, we needed an integrated digital strategy that lives everywhere mom is.

Since 2009 Genuine has worked with the teams at Lysol’s parent, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), as their digital and social AOR to transform their brand from disinfectant to trusted partner of moms worldwide. To appeal to this new breed of connected moms, we needed to shatter the barriers of “channel thinking” in favor of integrated journeys across digital and physical divides. And to appeal to Lysol and RB’s brand leadership, we needed to create a new model that delivered insights and accountability. Drawing on key insights gleaned from social and site analytics, we’ve created a strategy rooted in delivering real value to our busy moms in a form of great content, great experiences, and a little mom-to-mom empathy.

A gamified tour bus teaches kids across the nation healthy habits, creating an army of hygiene superheroes.

For decades, teachers and brands alike have taught kids about germs and hand hygiene in the same old way. The world needed an exciting new platform for education that would be both engaging and fun. With Lysol up for the task, we created an interactive mobile learning bus that took these basic lessons and gamified them using augmented reality and other cross physical/digital technologies. The brand new Lysol Healthy Habits Bus took off on a tour across America, engaging with thousands of students, teachers, and moms across the United States. The bus was such a hit that it became the perfect base for a Lysol TV campaign with social and mobile extensions.

Building Lysol’s 2 million moms social media following.

Facebook is the natural social hub and primary social vehicle for Lysol. But to attract millions of moms, you needed to deliver real value for her. Genuine worked closely with RB and Facebook to define and execute a Facebook strategy designed to engage moms and deliver real value associated with keeping the family healthy. Using a friendly and accessible voice, great content, and approachable creative that featured real-life imagery, we achieved a 57% increase in user engagement and a 36% growth in fans in 2013. With fan numbers now well over 2 million, moms are “liking” Lysol more than ever.

More than just a new product launch—It’s the launch of a social movement with Lysol Power & Free

Lysol’s Power & Free is an innovative product that deserved a launch that was just as innovative. Our strategy was to build a digitally-centered, engaging campaign that would educate moms on the benefits of hydrogen peroxide in a fun way while creating a massive mom-to-mom sharing engine using Facebook as the campaign hub. Enter the Power & Free New Era of Clean campaign. With micro-games, a sweepstakes, fresh Facebook content, and paid media, we invited Moms across the nation to be a part of the New Era of Clean. By the time we were done, we had boosted added value impressions by 310 million, increased PTAT by 4.5x, and increased monthly-engaged users by 13X.

Added Value Impressions
Increase in PTAT
Increase in Monthly-engaged Users

The program was part of a campaign, which also included TV, from Havas, Zenith Optimedia and digital shop Genuine that produced 30% sales gains for Lysol…

-AdAge, January 28, 2013