Healthcare Company

Developing a customizable, modern global multi-site management platform with a $2.5M projected ROI

For a global healthcare company that affects the lives of millions, it’s critical for its multi-site digital ecosystem (more than 55 websites and portals) to deliver a seamless experience for all users. This includes employees, partners, customers, prospects, patients, and beyond.

This global Fortune 500 healthcare client came to us for help in building a new, multi-site system to accommodate its complex communication needs and simplify its digital content management.

The Insight

For an established healthcare brand that’s been in business for more than 85 years, its digital ecosystem needs to represent the strength of the brand. Even more so, it should provide its users with a unified experience demonstrating its commitment to elevating healthcare experiences.

The Solution

At the time we were brought in, the client had completed a pilot with Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF), but they needed support in bringing it to life.

From a technology standpoint, ACSF enables the hosting, organizing, and user access to the sites while Drupal powers the sites themselves. Using the power of both ACSF and Drupal, we created a flexible and scalable platform that supports a range of business needs, and created unlimited instances of sites as needed. From thought leadership and product specifications for healthcare providers, to patient stories and therapy education for patients, the platform is built to host a broad range of content.

We focused primarily on three things:

  1. Bringing to life a master brand experience – both within their public-facing site and on private portals.
  2. Enabling flexibility and speed to market using standardized structures (site types, templates, and components) which allows for deploying sites that support a range of business needs, quickly.
  3. Streamlining a multi-lingual content workflow process in a highly-regulated industry (all within Drupal).


The entirety of our work entailed a handful of additional key objectives, which included:

  • Creating a trustworthy and sophisticated digital brand experience by enhancing a “one brand” look and feel that still meets different digital specifications and tools, with centralized analytics.
  • Building a global multisite management platform that enables a coordinated experience across sites, applications and systems, while allowing for customized communications at both the global and local levels.
  • Allowing for easy site build, using pre-approved templates and designs resulting in a modern and responsive web experience.
  • Allowing for continuous measurement and site performance enhancement by integrating an SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager strategy for the entire platform.
  • Establishing an enterprise-wide governance and workflow model that supports ongoing and proactive digital transformation.

The Results

The multi-site platform successfully met both flexibility and speed to market needs. For example, after launching the company’s main website, more than 30 country sites set for translation followed the very next day!

And within the next two years, the healthcare company is projecting an over $2.5M return on investment (ROI).