Transforming Kronos’ Digital Brand from “Punch Clock People” to Engaged Employees


Kronos has been a pioneering leader in the workforce management industry for more than 40 years, but the company’s brand image was stuck in the past.

The Overview

Customers and prospects still thought of the company as the “punch clock in the break room,” instead of the sophisticated, human capital software organization it had become.

With competition growing from smaller SaaS companies, Genuine and Kronos used the upcoming launch of a new cloud-based platform to establish the company as a leader in cloud computing, while delivering a more intuitive and personalized experience to executives in the 20-plus industries it serves.

The Objectives

Establish a new brand image for Kronos demonstrating its innovation
Drive high quality leads through the development of a new powerful and intuitive Kronos site

The Target

Head of Human Resource Departments demonstrating its innovation across 20 industries

The Strategy

Reintroduce the Brand with Personalized, Industry-Based Storytelling.
Extensive research with customers, prospects and key stakeholders revealed that the current IA, navigation and product naming were confusing and needed an overhaul along with the site’s design language.

The Insight

Our team identified four different buyer types – Finance, HR, IT, and Operations – and built out personas and journeys for each. From a technical perspective, Kronos had thirteen separate domains and languages, and three thousand pages that that did not share a code base or reflect its new branding and holistic marketing strategy. The new site architecture would need to allow for the creation of region-specific sites that allow for unique content offerings and translation.

Our strategy was simple: overhaul the Kronos site experience from the platform up, designing a personalized experience for customers and buyers across industries, positioning Kronos as “The Power Behind their People.” Every visitor needed to feel as if their industry was the most important one Kronos served.

The Invention

The Genuine and Kronos teams invented together from the outset to co-develop and design the website on Drupal 8. From day one, Genuine and the Kronos development team (dubbed “Krononauts”) held weekly workshops to ensure the client’s team was learning the Drupal 8 content management system with the experts at Genuine. The two teams worked hand-in-hand to develop a website with maximum flexibility and content structure, designed to be easy for Kronos to edit post-launch.

After a full content and personalization overhaul, Kronos’ new site is an immersive, responsive brand hub with an authentic, informative and engaging tone. Its clean, inviting and differentiated design showcases Kronos as a leader in the cloud-service human capital management market. The site’s intuitive, personalized approach allows users to see relevant content based on their industry and phase in the buyer’s journey, allowing users to quickly find the content they’re looking for, and ultimately drive conversion.

The Results


Time on site increase YOY


Total pageviews increase YOY

Award-Winning Work

  • 2017 Summit Award (Gold)
  • 2017 Creative International Award (Gold)
  • 2017 Hermes Creative Award (Platinum)