Harvard Business School

Setting a new standard for alumni relations

To increase alumni engagement, Harvard Business School needed a tool that would encourage post-grads to be active with the various programs, tools, services, and opportunities available to them through the HBS Alumni Network. So HBS asked Genuine to develop a campaign that would re-introduce alumni to the many benefits of being an HBS graduate.

Harvard Business School

The Insight

To reach the busy HBS grad, we’d have to stand out in the sea of daily emails and solicitations. We needed to create an immersive digital experience that alleviated the stress of navigating post-grad life and reintroduced the HBS Alumni Network as a lifelong resource for graduates no matter their career path, age, or locale.

The Solution

The HBS Alumni Wilderness Survival Handbook, is an interactive “instruction manual” for alumnus in the real world. A digital journey encouraging alumni to get the most out of their HBS benefits, the experience offers resources and encourages actions – from finding and meeting other alumni, to business networking, volunteering, joining programs, reunion planning and more - as the user advances along their post-grad path.

A series of short video chapters shared across HBS social media channels, print and banner ads generated awareness of this new resource. Genuine also designed an illustrated booklet for use at alumni events, bringing the handbook beyond the digital world.

The Results

The HBS Alumni Wilderness Survival Handbook earned 10% more click-throughs on page and has been widely celebrated in the advertising and marketing industries, winning several awards including a Webby, Hatch and w3 distinctions.