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Helping New York go on the go

Toilet paper is a commoditized category. Everybody needs it, but almost nobody thinks about what brand they’re buying. Charmin wanted buyers to think more about their brand, so they came to Jack Morton Chicago and Genuine to build a physical and digital experience that would make their toilet paper people’s favorite.

Rendering of Charmin Van-GO mobile app.

The Insight

We live in an on-demand world where we can get anything anywhere we go. Except . . . a clean, comfortable place to go.

The Solution

Let people “enjoy the go” wherever they are, by offering not just a superior bathroom product, but a superior bathroom experience. On-demand.

Charmin Van-Go was the first-ever on-demand mobile bathroom service, delivering clean, private bathrooms to New Yorkers where they needed them most. If you had a smartphone, you could get a place to go in a click. All thanks to Charmin.

The Results

Charmin Van-Go was the best performing social campaign in the history of the brand, resulting in a 3,000% increase in social impressions versus previous efforts. Online, Charmin shattered any competitive share of voice.

  • 1,222,529,662 earned and social impressions
  • 51 original stories
  • +43.25% recall
  • CPM of $1.43
  • Key press included Mashable (27.1k shares), The Today Show, People, Yahoo and more
Interior view of the Chamin Van-GO.
Exterior view of the Chamin Van-GO.