Bringing one stop
shopping to BIC Razors

Historically, BIC Razors has marketed their Men’s and Women’s razors differently. Different voices, different personalities, and different web presences. Each lived on its own site, and from a consumer’s point of view, in its own world. When the Women’s brand started to outsell the Men’s, BIC tasked Genuine with developing a brand strategy that would ensure both product lines succeeded.

The Insight

Most consumers believe that all razors are created equal. But one razor does not fit – or de-fuzz – all. Helping a consumer find their perfect match and making them smile along the way means gaining a brand loyalist for life. Or until they grow a beard.

The Solution

We love bringing things together. Strategy, creative and tech jumped on the opportunity to bring the men's and women's brands together on a new site with a new brand voice. We reorganized, redesigned and refreshed existing content. We created compelling new content like the "Razor Finder" quiz. The new site drove sales and engagement like the brand had never experienced before.