How Genuine
Gamified Audible
to Reach New Audiences


Between the immense popularity of fictional audiobooks and the fast growing world of podcasts, it’s safe to say audio storytelling is having a moment. 

As the leader for the last 10 years in spoken word content, Audible takes pride in the category’s growth and adoption, but asked itself the age-old question “how do we engage new audiences and innovate?” The company turned to Genuine and Jack Morton to help them reach a new set of audiobook lovers in a compelling and immersive way.

The Objectives

Drive awareness and consideration

Engage and reward potential customers

The Target

Avid consumers of media, Sci-Fi + fantasy fans

The Insight

Listening to an audiobook is a personal experience. A quiet experience. It’s me time. We wanted to introduce people to Audible in a place that is the opposite of “me time”. Enter the loudest, brightest most visually stimulating event on earth, Comic Con. With 180,000 fans all in one place, New York Comic Con is the second-largest pop culture convention in America, bringing together trendsetters, celebrities, artists and writers and fans. Most importantly, Comic Con features unique activations that spark new interests. So, how do you make what is normally a private, quiet experience like listening to an audiobook stand out among the wonderful chaos of of Comic Con?

The Invention

Enter Audible Recall, an immersive audio listening game that enticed Sci-Fi + Fantasy fans to try out Audible in an environment where they felt free to unleash their imaginations. But, given the visual surroundings, how could we make an audio experience truly engaging? By having Sci-Fi fans test their knowledge -  and ultimately their fandom - through gamification and a race against the clock.

How Well Do You Know Your Sci-Fi

Comic Con attendees were invited to play the audio listening game to test their sci-fi and fantasy audiobook knowledge in a timed contest pitting seven opponents against each other in a multiple choice gamification format. In order to win, they needed to guess the most correct answers in the least amount of time. The faster and more accurate the guess, the higher the score.
To encourage trial, each player received an Audible card for a free download, and top scorers were awarded larger prizes and entered into the daily leaderboard for a chance to win the daily grand prize.

Award-Winning Work

  • 2017 Reggie Award (Gold)
  • EXHIBITOR Magazine Sizzle Award (Gold)
  • 2017 ChiefMarketer! PRO Award (Silver)