Stepping onto the national stage with Amopé

Amopé’s Pedi Perfect foot shaver was launching in the US with little to no brand awareness and a hard to pronounce (and therefore, hard to remember) name. They came to Genuine for help driving interest and demand for a product few women think they need.

The Insight

Feet matter. And with Pedi-Perfect, every day is an opportunity to put your best, smoothest, healthiest foot forward.

The Solution

With “Step Into the Magic,” Genuine focused on the real-life, everyday moments in which the way our feet look and feel matter. We developed over 30 videos from our in-house content studio, all highly optimized for social video engagement with special attention to executional details that created a signature brand narrative.

The Results

During the campaign, Amopé saw 2x increase in sales target with over 1M units sold in Q4 of its launch year. It was so successful, we translated a social video into a broadcast-ready spot - in 10 days! - to be aired nationally. Other results included:

  • 7 point lift in purchase intent
  • 9 point lift in ad recall
  • 31 social videos, amassing 105MM total views
  • Increased engagement from 6.4% to 15.3%