Genuine is a full service digital agency that works with leading brands and organizations to achieve their business, brand, and user objectives.

We are a relationship-oriented agency and we partner with our clients to become a true extension of their team. No client engagement, project or relationship is alike, but the common connective fiber you will find in working with us is our relentless focus on strategic guidance at every juncture in the process.

Responsive Web Development

Respond to your user.

Device screen sizes are constantly changing and it’s having a profound affect on how websites are accessed and experienced. We create responsive websites that allow sites to be accessed from any screen size without compromising designs.

  • Mobile First
  • Media Query based
  • Device detection and targeted content and functionality

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From insights to conversion, digital media drives impact.

Maximize performance and engage your consumer with an experienced digital media team.  We take a multi-channel, hyper-targeted approach to improve paid, earned, and owned digital media, and then identify creative new ways to build your brand through insights and media expertise.

  • SEO
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • ROI Modeling
  • Analytics

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Connecting the physical and digital worlds with next generation technology.

What will your brand experience be in consumer wearables? Or in tracing physical movement? We carefully consider your goals and then choose the right technology to bring your brand to life—whether that’s through the Oculus Rift, a touch screen experience, or something else entirely.

  • Digital Installations:
    • Event-based Experiences
    • Shopper Experience
    • Museum Installations
    • Vehicle/Tours
  • Lead Generation at Events
  • Wearable Technology –Google Glass and Oculus Rift
  • Augmented Reality
  • Kinect/Gamified Experiences

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Your brand is a visual experience that should be ______.

Why the blank space? Every brand is different. While we have design philosophies rooted in user experience, we take pride in creating uniquely spectacular experiences that fit our clients’ brands while surprising their users in a positive way. Our visual design team works in close collaboration with our user experience and development teams to craft designs that balance strong client branding with smart usability. Design is where your brand experience comes to life.

  • Interactive Design
  • Mobile First and Responsive Design
  • Multi-Platform Creative Concepting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Mobile Application Design

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Research & Analytics

One key insight can transform a brand.

Game-changing ideas grow out of strong insights. And strong insights are discovered by people with the experience to identify them in a sea of data. We analyze raw data, business goals, and consumer behavior for a holistic view, and then distill our findings to uncover exactly what your user needs and how you can give it to them.

  • Competitive Audit and Analysis
  • User Needs
  • Customer Satisfaction vs. Site Performance
  • Customer Personas
  • Product and User Research
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Concept and Usability Testing

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Video Production

Tell your story through disruptive and captivating content.

We’re a full-service in-house production team that creates and optimizes video for any channel your audience is on.  Whether it’s snappy social content, a eye-catching cinemagraph for your Facebook feed, a 360 VR experience or something in between, we create videos that seamlessly fold into your brand strategy, engage your audience and drive your brand’s goals.

  • Social Video Content
  • Interactive Video Content
  • Narrative Productions
  • Documentary Production
  • 360 VR Video Production
  • Digital Pre-Roll
  • 3D Animation and CGI
  • Cinemagraph
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics

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User Experience Design

Architect an intuitive framework to guide your user’s journey.

Sifting through your existing content, requirements, and user needs the User Experience team defines the structure for the experience that comes next. We know your consumers have varying needs and it’s not always a straight line. By examining every possible path we understand how consumers will experience your new brand presence and make sure they get the right content at the right time.

  • User Experience Strategy and Definition
  • Content Strategy & Definition
  • User Journeys, Transaction, and Process Flows
  • Experience Optimization
  • Usability Testing

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Integrated Digital Strategy

Define and synchronize your strategy across channels.

Leading digital brands realize the value of digital integration and its synchronicity with all other media channels. Through qualitative and quantitative research we create comprehensive digital strategies that are firmly rooted at the intersection of business goals and user needs.

  • Digital Vision, Planning, and Estimation
  • Global/Localization Strategy and Governance
  • Organizational Stakeholder Alignment
  • Capability Assessment and Planning

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Mobile Application Development

Introduce a flawless, functional experience to your always-on mobile audience.

Engage with your user anytime, anywhere.  At Genuine, whether through an Android or iOS app, we build immersive mobile experiences for both consumers and enterprise businesses that take brand DNA on the go, with an eye toward both existing and emerging mobile technologies.

  • Consumer Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Business management
  • Inventory management
  • Sales Tools
  • Gamified Experiences

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Social Media

Build relationships and inspire brand loyalty with an active social voice.

Social is not a channel—it’s a brand attribute. It’s a content strategy. Social is not relegated to a single platform or network—rather it is the connective fiber between all of our work efforts. We weave social into your total digital strategy and then develop the channels that make sense for you. More than that, we then listen to and analyze your audience to identify strategic insights and new ways of thinking.

  • Social Strategy and Definition
  • Competitive Industry Benchmarking
  • Voice Definition
  • Community Management
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Google+
  • Facebook Exclusive Development Partner
  • Social Games and Apps

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Content Marketing

Create value for your users through relevant and engaging content marketing.

Content is increasingly important as users align with brands and organizations that deliver real value through content marketing. More than a user-driven movement, Google, Facebook, and other social platforms are contributing by weighting their algorithms in favor of brands that produce engaging content for their users. We help brands curate and create great content for their users.

  • Content Strategy and Execution
  • Editorial Strategy and Planning
  • Content Management and Publishing Planning
  • Content Writing and Creation
  • Video Based Content Creation
  • SEO and content strategy for content creators.

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Website Development

Create a living hub for your brand to drive business and brand awareness.

Genuine helps create highly complex, global, and custom web site and intranet platforms that drive brands and business. Our builds are large, complex, and visually stunning as our clients demand robust technology empowering great user experiences. These content powered, socially enabled experiences travel with your mobile audience and act as a hub for your brand, driving key sales and marketing initiatives to grow your business.

  • Content Management Systems:
    • Drupal
    • Episerver
    • Sitecore
    • Umbraco
    • WordPress
    • Custom Development
    • PHP
    • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5 Cache Manifest
  • Performance focused
  • Mobile First & Responsive Design Platforms

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