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Renuka Verma
Sitecore Practice Lead
Programmer Extraordinaire

At Genuine, nobody limits you to only project work, they won’t stop you from doing something innovative, they encourage you.


More Than a Title

“My title is Practice Lead,” says Renuka, “but it’s so much more. We do whatever the project calls for. Some days it’s being on a client call and consulting with them and providing them solutions. Other days it's hands-on coding.” Every day, she loves it. 

“I like development because it always gives you that sense of achievement when you develop a feature. I actually always call myself a developer, because no matter what your job title is, that's what I identify myself as: a solution provider or as a developer.”


Passion in Action

Renuka most personally identifies with, and appreciates in others, our passion value. Empathy is essential to problem solving, and Renuka demonstrates that every day. 

 “I'm passionate about my work. But I'm also passionate about providing solutions for our clients. Going above and beyond to make their job easier, and come up with something they like and will use, so we can build relationships with them.”


Learn Without Limits

Speaking of passion, innovation and exploration are Renuka’s. Her Sitecore journey was self-started. “My first Sitecore project came when my project manager called me and said this is a new technology. This is the client database we need to move it into Sitecore. Go figure it out - and I did! Midway through the project, I was certified and trained and everything. And I loved it.”

That enthusiasm has stayed with her. “Working at Genuine, I can explore a lot of new things. I’m not only focused on deliverables. I can work on automations and innovative stuff. I have the flexibility to learn new things and get new certifications. Nobody limits you to only project work, they won’t stop you from doing something innovative, they encourage you.”


A True Team Player

Both internally and with client partners, Renuka prides herself on being a good team player. 

“I love Sitecore and I want other people to see how wonderful it is. So I will show them, oh, this is a cool feature, here’s a shortcut you can use. If they’re new to Sitecore, I will explain how it works, provide them training or do a session with them.” There’s that passion thing again. We love it.