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Jonathan Sanders
Account Director
Our sommelier of client services

From a people standpoint, from a capability standpoint and from a culture standpoint, Genuine is a really great fit.

Telling it like it is

Since joining Genuine, Jonathan Sanders has carved out a niche for himself working as the glue that binds the agency-client relationship. “I serve as the liaison between the client and the agency where I transcribe the client's needs in a way that is actionable for the agency, and also convey the agency's POV to the client to really help them understand our point of view.”

Finding his fit

Before coming to Genuine, Jonathan spent decades working across agencies big and small, and he had a good idea of what he wanted in an agency. “I wanted somewhere that I think that I could affect change. Once you get past a certain number of people, it's really hard to affect change or see the fruits of your labor, so to speak.”

Fortunately for us, he found what he was looking for. “From a people standpoint, from a capability standpoint and from a culture standpoint, Genuine seemed to be a really great fit.”

Jonathan is an open book

Now that he’s here, Jonathan strongly identifies with Genuine’s transparency value. “I think that internally and with clients, from being able to convey where you are physically, where we are from a people standpoint, and also the willingness to have tough conversations with the client. I think that the transparency element is something I've really seen come to life here.” 

Transparency also applies to his personality at work. “I'm pretty easy to work with. I don't get overly emotional. I take professional criticism professionally and not personally.” That’s just the right kind of attitude it takes to “invent together.”

Friends, family & tequila

Outside of work Jonathan’s main focus is his family, hanging out with his wife and son. “There was a point where I was traveling a lot and I just didn't have a frame of reference of what it would be like to be home for the better part of three years. Now, I know what that's like, I’m trying to take advantage of the time that I have with my family.” 

Still, he makes time to invest in a personal passion: tequila. “I passed the level one tequila sommelier test, which means I'm tequila certified, and I could teach a course about it, but I’m still studying, looking to finish Level 2 by the end of this year. But Level 3 is a bear. Still it’s a dream of mine and I think it’s something I definitely wanna work towards.” 

Until he gets there, we’re happy to have him here with us at Genuine.