Jessamyn Wallace
Senior Experience Designer
Destroyer of dark patterns

Ever been on a website that you hate and can't use? I try to fix that.

Solving problems, one click at a time

Whenever the question of what she does comes up, Jessamyn finds, that despite the very descriptive nature of her title, it’s simpler to reply with another question: “I ask them if they have ever been on a website that they hate and that they can't use, and when they say ‘yes,’ then I say, ‘I try to fix that.’”

Of course, the actual job of a Senior Experience Designer involves so much more, but that’s exactly what Jessamyn loves about it. “Every day is different. Some days I might be wireframing or designing something and some days I might be digging into the strategy or working through personas. I like that it's always different and challenging and then I get to talk to almost every department at the agency!”

Teamwork makes the UX work

Ask anyone at the agency and they’ll tell you the same thing. They LOVE working with Jessamyn. Chalk that up to a combination of humility, but also passion and collaboration, her two favorite Genuine values. 

“I always love working with other departments, because there's only so much that I can know as a UX designer. But when I start talking to the development team to understand the limitations of the actual platform, if I can talk to strategy and get their insights about personalization and digital transformation, if I can talk to the design team and understand the look and feel that we're going for… I feel like what I'm doing becomes exponentially better.”

Finding herself at Genuine

With such a clear sense of her role and responsibilities, you’d think Jessamyn was born to be an UX designer, but the truth is it was a discovery she made after starting at Genuine as a strategist. When assigning her a desk, we made a very crucial mistake. “They sat me too close to the UX team, and when I saw what they were doing all the time, I thought that looked fun. I slowly started taking on some other work when they were overloaded. I took a part time class, and then they were like, sure, come to the UX team. And I've been doing that ever since!”

Personal time pays off

It’s not just on the clock that Jessamyn is killing it. She does a good job of regularly disconnecting from work (“I'm like a little computer that needs regular shutdowns”). She spends her off hours painting, drawing, writing, making day-trips around her hometown of Philadelphia, but mostly taking care of her dog, Moose (“It's a little bit embarrassing how much time I spend with my dog”).

Even so, there’s something about all these endeavors that feed back into the great work she does. “I do think that anything you do creatively is going to help you as a designer, even if it's not necessarily the most beautiful stuff, you're still thinking about how things are composed and how things are organized.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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