Live Digital Events

Live Digital Events

We create cutting-edge live digital experiences.

Consumers today expect more from brand experiences. At Genuine, our makers and technologists develop custom applications for data-rich live activations, "phygital" installations and mobile experiences to bring your products and services to life. We work collaboratively with our creatives, writers, designers and developers to create unparalleled live digital experiences utilizing the latest in event technology.

With our partner agency Jack Morton, a global force in events, our inventions enthrall audiences and make brands forever memorable.

Event Technology Expertise

  • AR/VR

  • 360 and Immersive Video

  • Gamified experiences

  • Branded experiences

  • Large scale interactive LED walls and projections

  • Multi-screen experiences

  • Touchscreen applications

  • Native and cross-platform mobile applications

  • Bluetooth beacon technology

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Event Technology Case Studies

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