July 22, 2020

Why governance and enablement are key to managing multiple digital properties



Buying a new car, like a Ferrari, is exciting. Driving it is the real joy. In our latest webinar with Acquia, Josh Hoekwater, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, uses a car analogy to reinforce the importance of governance and enablement as it relates to managing multiple digital properties within an organization. And when done well, the real value is realized (releasing the Ferrari from the garage).

Hear how a healthcare company with products found in 100+ countries went from 250 digital sites down to 70, using Acquia Cloud Site Factory.  And how Genuine helped to provide real value for the healthcare organization by creating and deploying a governance process – a set of policies, processes and guidelines – to enable teams for repeatable success.

From listening to key stakeholders, to building out a framework – including defining a team structure based on how the enterprise truly operates – to publishing and socializing the model, and enabling effective use of the platform by providing users with the necessary tools and resources, like Starter Kits

The process is detailed, requires leadership buy-in and execution – but the results are well worth the investment.