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Feb 15, 2019

Over the past three years, the Boston-based law firm, Mintz, has enjoyed one of the best periods in its 85-year history. Through a uniquely strategic and collaborative approach to legal problem-solving, the firm has increased its revenues by 30% while outperforming its rivals on the Am Law 100 list of the country’s largest law firms.

Yet for all its success, visitors to Mintz’s website would have been hard-pressed to understand what made the firm special as recently as two months ago. Why? The innovative, energetic spirit of Mintz wasn’t coming through, and clients were often searching for information that was hidden within the site’s archives.

And so, Mintz reached out to us for a website redesign and rebranding project in late 2016. In the two years that followed, we worked with Mintz to completely revamp their digital presence, incorporating a new logo, an overhauled site design and even a snappier, streamlined name to go by.

Already, the site is having a profound effect on how clients see the firm:

Prioritizing an effective digital brand presence

In undertaking the rebranding project, Mintz became the latest major law firm to respond to how the internet has changed the way clients vet potential business partners. “Once upon a time, branding had very little to do with how companies selected a firm to represent them,” according to Genuine senior vice president and creative director Stephen Potter. “Rather, these decisions were based entirely on referrals and word-of-mouth credibility.”

In the digital era, Fowler says clients use a firm’s website to credential an attorney or practice area they are thinking about hiring. And while new site visitors are generally aware of Mintz and its reputation, the website can tell them more – about relevant cases the firm has worked on and whether the firm’s attorneys will be the right fit.

Across the board, major law firms are adapting to the digital era with a renewed focused on branding. Mintz, which had previously been known as Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, joined firms like Goodwin and Bradley in shortening its name, reimagining its brand and redesigning its website.

“Brand is increasing in importance in ways that it would not have decades ago,” Potter said. “A lot of law firms would have not prioritized something as cosmetic, or so it would have seemed, as brand. But it’s much different these days, as people are using the web to research even large firms like Mintz.”

Humanizing a brand with rich history

The rebranding process began as a team effort – working alongside Mintz to research the firm and its competitors. From Potter’s perspective, everything else about Mintz seemed to be perfectly on-point: great attorneys, a strategic and focused approach to the market and a clear sense of what made it stand out from its peers. We felt it was equally as important for the firm’s website to highlight their focus on progress, success and collaboration.

Our mission was clear. We began designing a website and brand aesthetic that reflected the real Mintz. Together, we built a homepage with a warm, colorful design.

We wanted to give clients a sense of the people they might be working with – humanizing the firm. At the top of the homepage you’ll find a silent teaser video showing the firm’s lawyers in action. And photos of Mintz employees are prominent throughout the site, capturing a day in the life of a Mintz employee and highlighting their highly collaborative environment. In preparation, our creative team spent two months traveling between five of Mintz’s offices to capture custom lifestyle imagery and take fresh headshots for every one of the firm’s lawyers.

Core to Mintz’s new identity is its refreshed logo and color scheme. The new logo features the letter ‘M’ shaded in two green tones that come together to form a third, darker shade at the letter’s midpoint. The green color scheme is meant to evoke the firm’s growth, and the intersecting shades are a nod to Mintz’s focus on deep collaboration with its clients.

“We really appreciate the logo, and I think it reflects our firm,” Fowler said. “It was an authentic and meaningful way to visually represent the way we work together and the way we work with our clients.”

In addition to an aesthetic overhaul, the website needed technical upgrades and a redesign that made it easier for clients to find the information they needed. The core framework for the site was built nine years prior to the redesign, with only a slight cosmetic update made four years later.

We moved the site from a DotNetNuke content management system (CMS) to Drupal 8. Other tech updates included:

  • A system for syncing data between Mintz’s CRM and its website
  • Data privacy changes aimed at General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • A new personalization tool that shows visitors relevant content based on the industries and practice areas they’ve browsed in the past

Based on market research, designers reworked the site to show lawyers the content they were most interested in. The new site places case studies and information about the firm’s experience in different industries and practice areas front-and-center, alongside the latest thought leadership from its lawyers. These features make it much easier for clients to find the information that tells them whether Mintz will be able to help them achieve their business goals.

“Personalization can help drive clients’ vision of a law firm as thought leaders,” said Mike Norman, Genuine’s senior vice president of technology. “If you start training people that you’ve got content that’s relevant to them, that’s a hook to bring them back over and over again.”

Maintaining a solid client partnership

At the core of the site’s transformation was a strong working relationship with our client. Mintz has an internal marketing team that helped to move the project forward throughout the process.

And from the client perspective, they saw our diverse set of clients as an asset, allowing us to be more creative. Rather than restricting Mintz to designs that are used by other law firms, we could think outside the box and produce a site that feels truly unique among Am Law 100 firms.

Results are coming soon

Official traffic and engagement results are yet to be determined, since the site recently relaunched (September 2018). But the firm’s lawyers are receiving positive verbal feedback, getting compliments wherever they go. At the International Bar Association’s October conference in Rome, one lawyer reported that six different clients came up to him to say how much they love the new Mintz brand.

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