Jul 3, 2018

In a memo to the IPG family yesterday, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Roth announced the acquisition of database marketing company Acxiom as a “significant step forward in business innovation and increased competitive advantage within our organization.”

“We are accelerating ever faster toward a world where data informs every interaction between consumers and brands. And Acxiom sits at the center of this vital trend, as a foundational part of the digital advertising ecosystem.”


The acquisition provides IPG an offering unlike any other holding company. “We have the world’s premier media, creative and marketing communications agencies coupled with the world’s leader in personalized messaging, all under one roof. This combination will provide better value, more choices and unique data assets that deliver continued gains in efficiency and return on our clients’ marketing investments.”

Welcome to the IPG family, Acxiom. We’re incredibly excited to have you!

Read the official announcement here as well as some industry ink from Ad Age and Fast Company.