November 23, 2022

Inventing Together Without Re-Inventing Everything

Jill Baker

Practice Director

Practice director Jill Baker explains the benefits of our accelerator libraries: less time spent on the basics, more time spent bettering the product.

In a sea of similar-sounding digital agencies who drop buzzwords left and right, what makes us special? Our thoughtful approach. 

Our motto, “Invent Together,” is not just allusion to the power of collaboration (internally, within our agency network  and with clients) but also the name of our battle-tested project methodology.

Inventing together within our agency as well as with our sister agencies, channel partners and even our clients is how we produce the best work. There’s nothing more exciting to a creative person than jamming with a group of smart, respectful colleagues who are passionate about their craft. Our work sessions are a mix of a mad scientist’s lab and a poetry slam.

That said, our approach marries efficiency with quality, and pragmatism with innovation. Being on the cutting edge doesn’t help anyone if you end up getting cut. We design and build award-winning experiences but ground them in proven heuristics and sustainable technologies.

Acceleration to Innovation… Genuinites, start your engines.

One way in which we find the balance between working expeditiously and producing game-changing results is by consciously avoiding wheel reinvention. We want our clients to get the biggest bang for their buck (and frankly, we want to design and build cool sh*t), which means that we don’t want to waste time building the simple, predictable, repeatable features that form the foundation of most websites over and over again. For that reason, we’ve built out accelerator libraries across our various capabilities, from UX to Design to Development, to ensure that each project benefits from the ones that came before. 

You might expect that starting work from an existing component library makes the resulting designs feel ‘cookie-cutter’ to one another - but the opposite is true. By starting from these shared foundations, we can spend 100% of our time and your budget on building out the things that make your experience unique - whether that be enhancing things that already exist or creating net-new ones based on your specific needs. The foundations we’ve built (and continually improve) are responsive, performant, accessible; and a great leg up for any new project.

What’s that colloquial definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results? Yeah - we’re not about that.

Another differentiating factor in our approach is our hard-core devotion to continuous improvement. We geek out about team retrospectives. What worked yesterday might not be working today, under new circumstances; so we stay humble and continually question what will make us more productive, fulfilled and successful. Resting on your laurels only sounds good for a little while when you’ve got type-Agency blood pumping through your veins. 

This growth mentality isn’t limited to internal settings. Transparency is one of our core tenets, and that means swinging the door wide open for clients and partners to join in on the retrospective fun. When done properly, a retrospective should feel like a wrap party and a stimulating brainstorming session all in one. Everyone is welcome to suggest new ideas for ways of working so that we can test and learn, just as we do on the sites we produce.

Want to invent with us?

You made it this far, which probably means you think we’re worth listening to, and hopefully fun to be around as well. If you’re in the market for digital bad-assery, let us prove it to you by giving us a call.