Internal Brand Rollouts

Apr 10, 2018

In today’s evolving media landscape, brands have more pressure than ever to stay relevant and to stay ahead. However, as our clients are working to launch their new brand in market, all too often, internal rollouts are a last priority.

We see this as a missed opportunity.

According to Forbes study, less than 50% of employees believe in their company’s brand and even less are equipped to deliver on it. A new brand goes beyond logos and messaging. A new brand is a commitment to your customers and the experience you’ll be providing them. Employees play a critical role in bringing a brand’s vision to life. Putting time and energy into informing employees and integrating them into the process is critical to long-standing success.

Here are a few ways to plan and execute and internal communications strategy:

Launch a pre and post internal brand awareness survey

Create a short survey that gauges employee awareness and satisfaction of the current messaging and positioning. Give employees an opportunity to voice their opinion while creating a benchmark to measure effectiveness for the future.

Bring employees into the process

Introduce the initiative via internal channels (email newsletter, intranet, company meetings, etc.) Update company on key milestones throughout the process. Invite employees across the organization to serve as stakeholders in the strategy phase. Give them a preview of the campaigns before launch to make them feel special.

Plan for an early internal rollout

Often organizations wait until just before or even after an external brand launch to roll messaging out internally. Create an internal rollout roughly three months before launch to give employees enough time to adopt and “live in” the new brand.  

The brand in a sentence

In order to ensure messaging remains consistent and effective, arm employees with one memorable sentence that helps them explain “what we do” to both internal and external audiences.

Create internal brand playbooks

Give employees the tools they need to translate brand messages to everyday actions. Create playbooks that include brand guidelines and key messages, new templates, stories from leadership and scenarios where they can amplify the brand through their role.

Make it an event

Garner some excitement with a celebration! Make it fun. Give employees a chance to ask questions in a Q&A session with the main stakeholders and leadership. Share a brand video that helps bring the journey to life. Create an employee award that honors those who embody the brand vision.


If you're in the midst of a brand relaunch and have questions regarding your internal rollout, please feel free to get in touch.


- Jillian Curran