Frances.Inclusion Rider

Mar 8, 2018

Like you, I’ve been watching this long-overdue #MeToo #TimesUp reckoning with a sense of relief, amazement and respect. And like you, I’ve done some stuff: I marched the day after the election, I signed petitions and donated to politicians who aligned with my values, but when I think about how I can effect change in my daily life -- in my own industry, or even in my own office -- the proverbial record tends to scratch. Then Frances McDormand mentioned the “Inclusion Rider” in her Oscar speech on Sunday.

As a working mom, truth be told, I was already fast asleep when Frances stepped up to the mic that night. It was only through my Insta feed the next morning (thank you @DietMadisonAve) that I saw the clip. But since then, I haven't stopped thinking about it.


The Inclusion Rider is a stipulation that actors and actresses can include or exclude in their contracts; it mandates a certain level of diversity on their TV and film sets. What if the advertising community could do something like this? What if we at our ad agency could do something like this?

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve asked ourselves this question, especially as an IPG-agency which prioritizes D&I initiatives. We’re all well aware of the warranted industry criticisms, and in some cases, dramatic missteps from brands due to their often insular worlds and tone deafness. But, for various reasons, a concerted effort - one that really makes a difference - hasn’t gotten off the ground. Until now.

We’re pledging to adopt our version of The Rooney Rule, the NFL policy which requires teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching or senior football operations roles, except at Genuine, we’ll do this for all job opportunities. We won’t fill any openings without ensuring the candidate pool is diverse and well represented by women and minorities. To do that, we’re making big changes to the way we recruit. Our “recruiting toolkit” will now more proactively seek out talent with diverse work and life experiences vs wait for diverse perspectives to find us, and we’re gonna track our success. 


This is a small step forward, but the first of many from us. Thanks again, Frances, for making us stop and think.

#PressForProgress #InclusionRider #RooneyRuleforAll