Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’

Feb 1, 2017

I received a great email this morning from a company I admire: GoldieBox. The email celebrates “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day,” which is a holiday more of us in the creative technology world should know about. I’m a dad of two creative little girls, aged 3 and 5, and a “work dad” of a company of 150 people. So encouraging more young girls into the fields of engineering and technology is something that’s important to me on both home and work fronts.

At home, I never realized just how powerful an impact toys have on a young girl’s development. That is, until I started to see the toys that somehow crept into the toy box. I found a pink toy cell phone that repeated lines like, “Let’s go shopping,” “let’s get our hair done” and “you’re so pretty.” It was frightening to me to think that those seemingly harmless toys are already conditioning my girls with such empty thoughts. And, this isn’t an anti-Barbie rant; my girls can play with dolls. But we need to make sure there are equally as powerful forces in their play that break through the gender stereotyping that, I feel, stops young girls from thinking about science, math and engineering at an early age.

Here at Genuine, we are lucky to have some of the top female technologists, engineers and leaders in the digital agency world, but the sad fact is it’s not always easy finding them. The imbalance of talent in technology starts well before women begin to search for a job. It starts well before women begin to think of engineering as an option in school.

It starts when they’re kids. How our kids play is a key contributing factor to whether science, engineering and math is fun—or frightening.

GoldieBlox is bridging the gap between girls and engineering in a clever and creative way.

GoldieBlox creates creative projects for kids (and parents) to build together. Along with many of their products come creative “directions” that double as stories that guide the kids not only on how to build these toys but also have a creative storyline to go along with it. They captivate my 3 and 5 year old—I had a solid 2 hours of focused 1-on-1 building time with my older one last week. (If you have a 5 year old you know that 2 hours is the equivalent of about a week in 5-year-old attention span time.)

The founder is Debbie Sterling and you can follow her here @debbieblox. You should take a look at her timely and important perspective on the world in this video—share it.

Now, if you have a little girl in your life, buy them a toy that opens their eyes to all possibilities of what they can be in life. That’s our job as parents.

Thanks, Debbie and GoldieBlox, for helping encourage my girls and hopefully a new generation of creative technologists and engineers who, like us at Genuine, make #inventtogether a part of life.


This is my daughter, bursting with pride over her latest creation. It’s kind of a Rube Goldberg-y teacup carnival ride. Cut to 10 minutes later—she tore it apart and built her own invention. (I know my favorite teacher growing up, Ms. Donadio, would like that!)

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