mindfulness business strategy

Aug 17, 2016

There’s a good chance in the not-too-distant-future that visitors to the Genuine offices are going to see the strategy team sitting cross-legged together, ohmm-ing their way to insights.

Mindfulness is being touted as a cure for everything from upset stomachs to depression, disease, divorce and all manner of modern-day degeneracy, including (according to a recent Harvard Business Review piece) strategic planning.

The short piece identifies three mindful practices teams can adopt to help them break through the clutter and make their way to clear insights:

  • Take mindful moments. The great thing about mindfulness is that it’s not a big time commitment – you can simply draw awareness to your breathing and thereby manage distractions in small, few-minute intervals dispersed throughout the day.
  • Explore alternative scenarios. The key here is to take a basic tenet of mindfulness – non-judgment – to examine and discuss potential alternative solutions.
  • Visualize positive outcomes. Everyone from top-flight athletes to entertainers tout the performance-enhancing value of visualization. Visualizing positive outcomes for a strategic direction is equally helpful in working your way to the right answer.

If nothing else, strategy requires empathy and understanding – two foundational goals of mindfulness training. And so, if mindfulness practice truly is, as this article claims, “a means to listen more deeply and guide actions through clear intention rather than emotional whims or reactive patterns” then sign us up.

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