April 23, 2020

How to manage sites at scale using Acquia Cohesion and Site Factory

Josh Hoekwater, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, recently joined Acquia to discuss seamless digital experiences. More specifically, how to manage digital website properties at scale with the help of Acquia platforms like Acquia Cohesion and Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

So if you’re a brand in need of better managing your digital presence, give this webinar a listen and learn how to:

  • Minimize “rogue” business behavior
  • Manage digital sprawl - with various sites, each managed by different teams within an organization
  • Comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy acts
  • Help ensure brand consistency and adherence
  • Empower leaders to effectively govern sites

Josh digs into Genuine’s experience with using Site Factory - highlighting specific client work to showcase its value in managing multiple sites from a centralized management console.

With different site types, supporting unique business needs, Josh discusses how Site Factory allows you to build out a library of templates and components to use within a single platform - customized to address all needs, with specific roles and permissions. And you can efficiently and effectively deploy with a governance model in place to allow for simple, safe maintenance over time.

In addition, Craig Hanna, Director of Customer Enablement at Acquia, walks through the benefits of Acquia Cohesion which enables low-code site building within Drupal. So you don’t need to be a highly skilled coder to build a website - and do it quickly, and on brand!

Watch to learn more.


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