brand trust

Jan 31, 2018

What’s Going On

Edelman recently released their 2018 Trust Barometer and the results, while not entirely surprising, are depressing nonetheless. The constant cries of “fake news” have taken their toll on our collective psyche and we find ourselves doubting everything. Media (which is kind of important to the whole democracy thing) is now the least-trusted institution in the world and even our trust in search engines and social media is ebbing (bring back Jeeves!) Perhaps worst of all, we don’t even trust each other anymore: the credibility of a “person like yourself” is way down and our friends aren’t even our most-trusted source of information anymore.

So, we hate the government and we hate the media we hate each other and snow arrives in #bombcyclones and Amazon can’t even keep the shelves of Whole Foods stocked with delicious and nutritious asparagus water. Weren’t things supposed to get better in 2018?

At least there were some silver linings in the Trust Barometer for us marketers. It turns out that 72% trust their employer to do the right thing and people trust companies by a 2-to-1 margin to take actions that increase profits and improve economic and social conditions. There’s a clear opportunity for companies to step in and do the right thing, strengthening their brands while growing their business.

What It Means

In order to build trust in your brand, develop an actionable plan in these three key areas:

  1. Purpose: clearly define why your brand exists (beyond profit) and fully live your values, both through actions and communications, internally and externally;

  2. Experience: Prove your value through actions, not just words, and make sure that you really deliver on your promises; and

  3. Transparency: tell your whole story, provide proof and own up to your mistakes.

If you can successfully deliver against those three core requirements your brand will be stronger, your business will be bigger, your career will be more successful and your life will be amazing.

Trust me.