DrupalCon 2018

Apr 25, 2018

In his opening "Dries-note" at this year’s Drupalcon, Dries Buytaert shared a statistic that the number of Drupal 8 installs has increased 51% since last year. A number that outlines the continued growth and adoption of Drupal as a digital platform. As individuals and companies are realizing the value of Drupal as a platform, the Drupal workforce is also increasing. This was evident by the large number of first-time and new to Drupal attendees at Drupalcon. My own beginner session "Composer 101" had such a large turn out that people had to stand in the hallway (#humblebrag).

The growing Drupal community is not limited to just new developers but a range of skillsets and backgrounds, such as, CTO’s, CMO’s, ux, designers, content editors and hobbiests. This diversity was demonstrated in many ways at Drupalcon, from the wide range of session topics and diverse speakers to the alternative and inclusive social events. The Drupal Diversity and Inclusion group, once again used the Genuine FotoOpp app at their Drupalcon booth to help capture the diversity of the Drupal community.

Conference tracks on "Being Human," "Building Community" and "Technical Leadership" provided sessions that helped attendees focus on the most important non-technical part of Drupal, the people. Sessions such as "Why Building Awesome Culture is Essential, Not Just a Nice-to-Have" helped teach how to maintain engaged and productive teams, which in turn leads to better products. Other sessions focused how to improve the experience for the diversity of users. I was happy to see a large number of attendees at my own session "Inclusive Mindsets", in which I shared ideas on how to build more inclusive Drupal projects to make a bigger positive impact on users and potential customers.

This diversity also extends to the users and decision makers involved with Drupal projects an increasing number of which are non-technical, as Dries also highlighted in his keynote. Drupal is accounting for this with actions such as the Layout Initiative and Out of the Box initiative. Both of which seek to improve the editorial experience of Drupal and make it easier to use and setup for non-technical users and were featured in talks and discussions at Drupalcon.

If your website is on the Drupal platform and you have questions or needs that Genuine can help with, let me know.

- Mike