Website Redesign

May 17, 2018

Need help persuading your leadership team that it’s time for a website redesign? Making the case for resources, both dollars and people, is a big undertaking. Not to mention, codifying the organization across the site’s requirements, its functionality and overall business priorities can make you feel like you’re negotiating a global trade agreement.

To help make the task of building a case a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines and questions that can assist in convincing stakeholders that it’s time to take this investment on.

1: Assemble a task force

Whether it be a small team of colleagues or your existing agency partner, gather a team to help you put guidelines around what you want to achieve. It will give you some additional perspective, a partner, and there’s strength in numbers.

2: Answer the following list of questions. They will define what the strongest points of your case are.
  • Is your design outdated?
  • Are there changing or evolving market forces? (i.e., new competitive threats, innovation, consolidation, etc.)
  • Is your tech stack current and operating seamlessly and efficiently?
  • Are you compliant with all mandated regulations? (ADA, GDPR, etc.)
  • Has your brand look and feel changed?
  • Is your website producing the results you need it to?
  • How are your website metrics currently performing as it relates to your marketing goals?
3: Gather feedback

Talk to your current customers and frequent visitors of your site to better understand what they like about your current experience and what they feel is missing. Align their answers and thoughts with the questions you’ve answered above.

4: Look at the numbers

Comparing site analytics and trends such as bounce rate, time on site, key event actions/conversions, etc. year over year will tell a huge story about your site. Is traffic declining? Are there dead spots on the site (no visitors)? Leverage the data to help build your case.

5: Be solution oriented

Detail out the key 3-5 things that will be improved with a redesigned site. How will it help improve your business overall? Generate and nurture leads? Increase sales? Evangelize your brand story?

6: Make it happen

To package up your research and recommendation, include next steps for how to make it happen with a clear and thoughtful roadmap built upon phases. If you actively work with an agency partner, ask them to price it out for you. Need to go through an RFP process? Do some research on some potential partners. Make it easy for your leadership to see the next steps for getting the project underway.

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